Privacy Policy

AB Hotel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ”the Company”) regards it their social responsibility to properly handle and protect personal information required for its operations and pursue
personal information required for its operations and pursue programs based on the following policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Privacy Policy”).

Appropriate Acquisition, Utilization, and Provision
The Company shall acquire personal information appropriately and use it within the scope of use clearly specified in advance. The Company shall not provide the information acquired to third parties without the permission of the individual or the requirements set by the law is met.
Security Management
The Company shall pay careful attention to the management of personal information and take appropriate measures required to prevent misconduct such as unauthorized access, or leakage, loss, or falsification of personal information. The Company shall also provide appropriate education to employees in order to raise their knowledge and awareness. If the Company outsources the handling of personal information, the Company shall evaluate the outsourcing company and provide the appropriate supervision required.
Disclosure, Revision, and Suspension of Use
If an individual requests the Company to disclose, revise, or suspend the use of his or her personal information that the Company holds, the Company shall deal with such requests appropriately. If the Company is unable to respond to the individual’s request due to the law and regulations, the Company shall explain the reasons.
Continuous Improvement of Efforts
The Company shall strive to improve programs for the protection of personal information; therefore, the Company may change the Privacy Policy without notice.
Regulatory Compliance
The Company shall comply with the Japanese laws and regulations concerning the protection of privacy when handling personal information.
Scope of Privacy Policy
The personal information that the business partners of the Company share with the Company shall also be managed according to the Privacy Policy.
Inquiries Regarding Personal Information
Please use the inquiry form on our website.

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Revised in March 2017