Amenity & Brightness: Provide amenity space to enhance the brightness of guests' stay

We maximize the accumulated know-how on service and provide amenity space and good service to meet the guests' needs

Amenity Bright Hotel

Message from the President

President Kazuki Kutsuna

Good quality sleep to stay healthy

AB hotel provides all of our guests with a good quality sleep and try to maintain the guests' good health even after their check-out.
We welcome guests with handpicked bedding for a good quality sleep, comfortable guest rooms, respectful and speedy front desk services, a safe and secure building, and breakfast of Japanese and Western buffet.
AB hotel will expand our business as an accommodation-oriented hotel providing with classy atmosphere of high-class hotels and a reasonable pricings of budget hotels to meet the guests' satisfaction.

President Kazuki Kutsuna

Corporate Information


Company Name AB Hotel Co., Ltd.
Address 6F Tosho Building No.2, 1-9-2 Mikawa-Anjo-Cho, Anjo-city, Aichi Aichi, 446-0056
Contact Tel: +81-566-79-3013 Fax: +81-566-79-3014
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President Kazuki Kutsuna
Capital ¥953,920,000 (as of October 1, 2014)
Business Description Hotel Business
Date of Establishment October 1, 2014

Corporate History

1979March Established Towa Kensetsu Co., Ltd.
1999April Changed the company name to “Tosho Co., Ltd.”
 November Began a hotel business and opened "Hotel Sunroute Mikawa Anjo"
2005September Changed hotel name from Hotel Sunroute Mikawa Anjo to "AB Hotel Mikawa Anjo Honkan"
Opened the second hotel, “AB Hotel Mikawa Anjo Shinkan”
2007November Opened the third hotel, “AB Hotel Mikawa Anjo Minamikan”
 December Opened the fourth hotel, “AB Hotel Toyota Motomachi”
2008March Opened the fifth hotel, “AB Hotel Okazaki”
2013June Opened the sixth hotel, “AB Hotel Nagoya Sakae”
 July Opened the seventh hotel, “AB Hotel Komaki”
2014June Opened the eighth hotel, “AB Hotel Fukaya”
 October Demerged from Tosho Co., Ltd. and established "AB Hotel Co., Ltd."
2015February Opened the ninth hotel, “AB Hotel Ichinomiya”
 April Opened the tenth hotel, “AB Hotel Kanazawa”
 November Opened the eleventh hotel, “AB Hotel Toyohashi”
2016April Opened the twelfth hotel, “AB Hotel Isesaki”
 July Opened the thirteenth hotel, “AB Hotel Nara”
2016December Opened the fourteenth hotel, “AB Hotel Mikawa Toyota”
2017April Opened the fifteenth hotel, “AB Hotel Gifu”
 June Opened the sixteenth hotel, “AB Hotel Kakamigahara”
 June Opened the seventeenth hotel, “AB Hotel Iwata”
 December Listed with the JASDAQ standard of the Tokyo stock Exchenge and second section of the Nagoya stock Exchange.
2018February Opened the eighteenth hotel, “AB Hotel Fuji”
 May Opened the nineteenth hotel, “AB Hotel Kyoto Shijo Horikawa”
 September Opened the twentieth hotel, “AB Hotel Tokai Otagawa”
 September Opened the twenty-first hotel, “AB Hotel Omihachiman”
 December Opened the twenty-second hotel, “AB Hotel Ube Shinkawa”
2019January Opened the twenty-third hotel, “AB Hotel Tahara”
 April Opened the twenty-fourth hotel, “AB Hotel Yukuhashi”
 July Opened the twenty-fifth hotel, “AB Hotel Gamagori”
 December Opened the twenty-sixth hotel,"AB Hotel Osaka Sakaisuji Honmachi"
 December Opened the twenty-seventh hotel,"AB Hotel Shiojiri"
2020 August Opened the twenty-eighth hotel,"AB Hotel Sakai Higashi"
 October Opende the twenty-ninth hotel,"AB Hotel Hikone"
 November Opened the thirtieth hotel,"AB Hotel Kani"
 November Opened the thirty-first hotel,"AB Hotel Konan"
2021 April Opened the thirty-second hotel,"AB Hotel Kisarazu"
2022 April Opened the thirty-third hotel,"AB Hotel Anjo"
2023 August Opened the thirty-fourth hotel,"AB Hotel Seki"
  Continues to open new hotels

Financial Highlights

Term Term 6 Term 7 Term 8 Term 9 Term 10
Accounting Term Year ended March 2020 Year ended March 2021 Year ended March 2022 Year ended March 2023 Year ended March 2024
Sales (¥1,000) 6,295,918 4,739,254 6,345,315 8,796,150 9,947,923
Ordinary Income (¥1,000) 1,297,380 26,548 937,638 2,924,160 3,562,917
Ordinary Income Ratio (%) 20.6 0.6 14.8 33.2 35.8
Net Income (¥1,000) 891,060 10,071 567,682 1,807,060 2,312,636
Net Margin (%) 14.2 0.2 8.9 20.5 23.2
Net Asset per Share (¥) 427.66 422.36 461.41 584.88 736.02
Net Income per Share (¥) 62.86 0.71 40.05 127.48 163.14
Dividend per Share (¥) 6.00 1.00 4.00 12.00 16.00
Net Asset (¥1,000) 6,062,349 5,987,279 6,540,744 8,291,058 10,433,467
Total Asset (¥1,000) 19,106,741 20,440,743 20,441,048 21,611,734 22,860,676
Equity Ratio (%) 31.7 29.3 32.0 38.4 45.6
Return on Equity (ROE) (%) 15.7 0.2 9.1 24.4 24.7
Return on Assets (ROA) (%) 7.1 0.1 4.6 13.9 16.0
Cash Flow from Operating Activities (¥1,000) 1,713,975 -10,379 2,056,470 2,996,988 2,842,884
Cash Flow from Investing Activities (¥1,000) △637,230 △2,065,902 △516,118 △194,427 △1,161,896
Cash Flow from Financing Activities (¥1,000) -397,012 1,154,935 -1,243,621 -1,303,383 -872,612

  • The company demerged from Tosho Co., Ltd. and was established on October 1st, 2014; therefore, the accounting term ending in March 2015 (Term 1) had an anomalous accounting period of 6 months.
  • If a stock split was implemented during the period above, net assets per share and net income per share would be calculated retrospectively.
    Dividend per share are stated as the actual amount without consideration of the stock split as stated above.

Business Overview


A nationwide
accommodation-oriented hotel

AB hotel aims to provide all of our guests with a good quality sleep and make them to have a good day.